What we offer

Free Pet Food Pantry

The FREE Pet Food Pantry is open Monday through Friday from Noon to 4 pm. We provide FREE pet food for low-income Rutherford County residents. The following documentation is needed: Proof of identification (driver’s license, etc.) Proof of low-income (Medicaid, WIC, Food Stamps, SSI), Proof of rabies vaccination certificate.  Food can be obtained every month.  Please read our new policies.

CPC FREE Pet Food Pantry Policy

Effective: June 10, 2019

The Community Pet Center (CPC) has maintained a FREE Pet Food Pantry since 2007 so families do not have to relinquish their pets at Rutherford County Animal Control. We have been very fortunate to be able to help many families and their pets in Rutherford County.   Due to circumstances beyond our control, our food supplier is no longer able to donate pet food to us. The CPC is now having to purchase food and we are very limited in the amount of food we can supply to each family.  We are making changes to our FREE Pet Food Pantry to accommodate new and reoccurring families.  Since this is a free service to the community, please be respectful of the new policies listed below:

1. Rabies Vaccines: All animals must have current Rabies Vaccinations to receive pet food.

2. Breeders: Absolutely no breeders will be allowed food.

3. Spaying or Neutering: If you currently have an animal that is not spayed or neutered, you will be given six months to have them spayed or neutered to continue to receive food.

4. Amounts of Pet Food: Since our supplies are limited, the amounts of pet food you can receive per pet may change monthly or be limited to 5 pets per family.  

5. Additional Pets: If you are currently receiving food for your pets and obtain more animals, we will not supply you with additional food. 

-Do Not Get Them if You Can’t Afford Them-

6. Frequency:  You are allowed to receive FREE pet food monthly. We also reserve the right to refuse FREE pet food to anyone who is unappreciative or disrespectful.  

We plan to continue our FREE Pet Food Pantry and are working deligently to find other sources to help the pets and the families of Rutherford County. 

Lynne Faltraco